• Crowned and Dangerous

    By Rhys Bowen (M Bowe, QM Bowe)

    Nothing is simple when you’re thirty-fifth in line for the British crown, least of all marriage. But with love on their side, and plans to elope, Lady Georgiana Rannoch and her beau Darcy O’Mara hope to bypass a few royal rules...


  • The Girl from Venice

    By Martin Cruz Smith (M Smit, Q Smit, CD Fic Smit)

    A thrilling World War II love story set against the beauty and danger of occupied Venice. This retelling of Italian history by an author who has been called “that uncommon phenomenon: a popular and well-regarded crime novelist who is also a writer of real distinction,” will take your breath away.


  • Wedding Bell Blues (Dixie Dew Mystery #2)

    By Ruth Moose (M Moos)

    B&B owner Beth McKenzie is enjoying an exciting affair with her new love, Scott. Meanwhile, the town of Littleboro, North Carolina is abuzz with gossip about Crazy Reba’s upcoming nuptials. Beth must deal with a mad bride, a bean festival, and a missing white rabbit in this charming Southern cozy.


  • The Detective's Garden: A Love Story and Meditation on Murder

    By Janyce Stefan-Cole (M Stef)

    Originally from Slovenia, ex-NYPD Homicide Detective Emil Milosec is forever on the outside. Elena, his beauty of a wife, has died, but she has filled pages of letters to him—which he has so far refused to read. Elena always remained elusive to him, and she still is.


  • Love You Dead (Roy Grace #12)

    By Peter James (M Jame)

    Jodie Bentley had two dreams in life - to be beautiful and rich. But while marrying is easy, getting rid of the husband afterwards is harder. Meanwhile Detective Superintendent Roy Grace believes a Black Widow is operating in his city.


  • Love and Death in Burgundy

    By Susan C. Shea (M Shea)

    After three years of living in the small town of Reigny-sur-Canne, all Katherine wants is to be accepted by her neighbors. When an elderly Frenchman is found dead at the bottom of a staircase, the town is turned into a hot bed of gossip and suspicion.


  • Your Killin' Heart (A Nashville Mystery #1)

    By Peggy O'Neal Peden (M Pede)

    Juggling the twisty plots of high-profile country stars with her blossoming business--not to mention the tattered remains of her love life--Campbell thinks she's got everything figured out. But when the danger becomes personal, she must uncover a killer who will stop at nothing to get what they want.


  • No Cure for Love

    By Peter Robinson (M Robi, CD M Robi)

    When Sarah begins receiving letters that are mysteriously signed with just the letter "M," she thinks they’re from some harmless admirer. Then her real name—"Sally"—appears in the third letter. She soon realizes her life is in danger.


  • Love and Fear: A Gulliver Dowd Mystery

    By Reed Farrel Coleman (M Cole)

    When the daughter of the most powerful Mafia don in New York goes missing, the don's right-hand man comes to Gulliver Dowd for help. Will Gulliver find her, or will their fates dissolve in a corrosive stew of love and fear?


  • The Mystery of the Venus Island Fetish

    By Tim Flannery (M Flan)

    It's 1932, and the Venus Island fetish, a ceremonial mask surrounded by thirty-two human skulls, now resides in a museum in Sydney. But has someone been tampering with the it?  And why hasn’t Archie’s beloved accepted his proposal of marriage and the love token he brought back from Venus Island?


  • Terror in Taffeta (Kelsey McKenna Destination Wedding Mysteries #1)

    By Marla Cooper (M Coop)

    Wedding planner Kelsey is just a few hours away from wrapping up her latest job: a destination wedding in Mexico. Then a bridesmaid drops dead during the ceremony. The demanding mother of the bride insists Kelsey not tell the wedding party; she paid for a wedding, not a funeral.


  • Hard Light (Cass Neary #3)

    By Elizabeth Hand (M Hand)

    Cass arrives in London where she meets and is reunited with her long lost lover, who is wanted by Interpol and the Russian mob. But when he fails to show at their rendezvous point, Cass is fearful she will be the next to disappear, so she goes on the run.


  • Diana's Altar (Joe Sandilands #13)

    By Barbara Cleverly (M Clev)

    The setting is Cambridge, October 1933. Doctor Adelaide Hartest bears witness to the final moments of a dying stranger. Despite the dagger plunged into the stranger's chest, the death is ruled a suicide. Joe Sandilands must uncover the truth before he loses the one he loves.


  • A Useful Woman (Rosalind Thorne Mysteries #1)

    By Darcie Wilde (M Wild)

    Inspired by the novels of Jane Austen, this new series introduces Rosalind Thorne. Torn between her old love and a growing attraction to a compelling Bow Street runner, Rosalind must not only unravel the mysteries surrounding Jasper’s death, but the mysteries of her own heart as well.


  • Murder, by George (Veronica Walsh Mystery #2)

    By Jeanne Quigley (M Quig)

    Retired soap opera actress Veronica Walsh leads a fulfilling second act in her Adirondack hometown. Her boutique is thriving and she enjoys a romance with a professor, so has neither the time nor the desire to be an amateur sleuth. But trouble finds her. Whom can Veronica trust?