• Freaking Out: Real-life Stories About Anxiety

    By Polly Wells (YA 158.1 Frea)

    A collection of 13 true stories that explore what it is like to live with anxiety and how it is possible to keep it from taking over. ANXIETY. Lexile: N/A, F&P: N/A, MS/HS


  • The Asperkid’s Secret Book of Social Rules: The Handbook of Not-So-Obvious Social Guidelines for Tweens and Teens with Asperger’s Syndrome

    By Jennifer Cooke O’Toole (618.92858 Otoo)

    Interacting with other people comes with hidden rules that might be confusing if you are an Asperkid. This book explains the rules of being social. ASPERGER SYNDROME. Lexile: N/A, F&P: N/A, MS/HS


  • ADHD in HD: Brains Gone Wild

    By Jonathan Chesner (YA 616.8589 Ches)

    A collection of short, personal stories about living with ADHD. Interspersed with wacky anecdotes is advice on school, being social, creating a future, and more. ADHD. Lexile: 1070L, F&P: N/A, MS/HS


  • When I Was the Greatest

    By Jason Reynolds (YA Reyn)

    Life in Bed Stuy, NY, is rough, but Ali tries to stay away from trouble. When the trouble revolves around his friends, the brothers Noodles and Needles, he has no choice but to get involved. TOURETTE SYNDROME. Lexile: 740L, F&P: N/A, MS/HS


  • The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B

    By Theresa Toten (YA Tote)

    A normal relationship seems out of reach to Adam, who regularly goes to a support group for his OCD. One day, a Robyn joins the group and Adam decides he will do whatever it takes to become Batman. OCD. Lexile: HL620L, F&P: N/A, MS/HS


  • This Song Will Save Your Life

    By Leila Sales (YA Sale)

    Elise believes that she was born to be unpopular. She almost gives up, but through a twist of fate, she discovers a passion for being a DJ. DEPRESSION. Lexile: HL720L, F&P: N/A, HS


  • Paperweight

    By Meg Haston (YA Hast)

    From the inside of an inpatient eating disorder facility, Stevie is counting down the 27 days until the anniversary of her brother’s death. She doesn’t plan on living beyond that date, but the center’s intrusive staff is intent on making her complete sixty days of treatment. EATING DISORDERS. Lexile: N/A, F&P: N/A, HS


  • Reality Boy

    By A.S. King (YA King)

    Twelve years after being featured as a problem child on a reality TV show, Gerald is still haunted by those memories. PTSD & ANXIETY. Lexile: HL620L, F&P: N/A, HS


  • Mindblind

    By Jennifer Roy (YA Roy)

    At 14, Nathaniel is already a college graduate. He might be a mathematical genius, but he lives in two worlds: the outside world with everyone else and his inside Aspie world where he can be himself. ASPERGER SYNDROM. Lexile: HL580L, F&P: N/A, MS/HS


  • The Memory of Light

    By Francisco X. Stork (YA Stor)

    Another fifteen minutes until someone had found her and Vicky would have been dead. Instead, she wakes up in the hospital and must find peace after her attempted suicide. DEPRESSION. Lexile: HL680L, F&P: 7, MS/HS

  • It’s Kind of a Funny Story

    By Ned Vizzini (YA Vizz)

    On the brink of suicide, Craig checks himself into a mental hospital. The teen ward is closed and he finds himself in the adult wing with an interesting cast of patients all trying to manage life. DEPRESSION. Lexile: 700L, F&P: 4, HS


  • The Impossible Knife of Memory

    By Laurie Halse Anderson (YA Ande)

    After five years of frequently moving, Hayley and her father return to his hometown with the hope that he will finally escape his memories of Iraq. PTSD. Lexile: HL720L, F&P: 4.7, HS


  • Finding Audrey

    By Sophie Kinsella (YA Kins)

    It is a struggle for Audrey to even leave her house, but after she starts writing to her brother’s friend, she slowly finds the path to recovery. ANXIETY. Lexile: HL540L, F&P: N/A, HS


  • Challenger Deep

    By Neal Shusterman (YA Shus)

    Caden lives both as a crew member on a ship heading for the deepest part of the ocean and as a brilliant high school student whose odd behaviors are starting to be noticed. SCHIZOPHRENIA. Lexile: HL800L, F&P: 6.3, MS/HS


  • All the Bright Places

    By Jennifer Niven (YA Nive)

    Finch and Violet meet at the top of their school’s bell tower and one of them saves the other. Soon after, they find themselves paired up for a class project. As they work together, Violet’s world begins to grow, but Finch’s steadily shrinks. BIPOLAR DISORDER. Lexile: 830L, F&P: 5.3, HS