• The Lovely Bones

    By Alice Sebold (Fic Sebo, CD Fic Sebo, DVD Love, BLU Love)

    Fourteen year old Susie Salmon is intercepted by her predatory neighbor while walking home from school one autumn evening. What follows is the story of Susie intently watching her family and friends from heaven.

  • Brooklyn

    By Colm Toibin (Fic Toib, CD Fic Toib, DVD Broo, BLU Broo)

    Eilis Lacey comes to Brooklyn from Enniscorthy, Ireland in the early 1950s. Quiet, responsible Eilis works at a department store on Fulton Street and tries to assimilate in America. She desperately misses home, but, at the same time, finds love in Brooklyn.


  • Never Let Me Go

    By Kazuo Ishiguro (Fic Ishi, CD Fic Ishi, Q Ishi, DVD Neve, BLU Neve)

    Kathy, Tommy, and Ruth grow up at Hailsham, a sequestered boarding school near the Devonshire coast in England. While their childhood is peculiar, with their teachers acting as their guardians without any mention of parents, they don’t begin to question their upbringing until they are teenagers, falling in love, and uncertain about their future.


  • The Light Between Oceans

    By M. L. Stedman (Fic Sted, CD Fic Sted, Q Sted, DVD Ligh, BLU Ligh, eBook hoopla)

    Newlyweds Isabel and Tom live blissfully on a small island near the west coast of Australia where Tom tends the lighthouse. Their happiness only deepens when an infant arrives in a rowboat on their shore, but to whom does she truly belong?


  • Everything I Never Told You

    By Celeste Ng (Fic Ng, eAudiobook hoopla)

    When teenaged daughter Lydia disappears, her Chinese American family must discover how and why she is gone. Not only her mother and father, but her older brother, too, are caught in the powerful current of grief. Only Lydia’s younger sister and closest friend can guide her family towards a safe shore.


  • Station Eleven

    By Emily St. John Mandel (SF Mand, Q SF Mand, CD SF Man)

    After a flu epidemic sweeps the world and nearly everyone dies, the survivors nevertheless bind together in communities. Kirsten, an actress in a traveling troupe of actors and musicians, and Jeevan, an EMT who saves lives in the new world, reveal both their longing for what has been lost, and the surprising beauty that remains.


  • The Time Traveler's Wife

    By Audrey Niffenegger (Fic Niff, CD Fic Niff, DVD Time, BLU Time, eAudiobook hoopla)

    This is the love story of Clare and Henry.  Clare and Henry adore one another, but Henry disappears, time traveling to special moments in his life, past and future.


  • The Namesake

    By Jhumpa Lahiri (Fic Lahi, Q Lahi, CD Fic Lahi, DVD Name)

    Ashoke and Ashima, who are Indian, settle in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where Ashoke is an engineer and Ashima longs for India and her family.