• Little Fires Everywhere

    By Celeste Ng (Fic Ng, CD Fic Ng, Q Ng)

    Mia and her daughter, Pearl, move to Shaker Heights, Ohio, a seemingly perfect community. Pearl soon becomes closely involved with the four Richardson siblings.

  • The Rules of Magic

    By Alice Hoffman (Fic Hoff, CD Fic Hoff, Q Hoff)

    Siblings Franny, Jet, and Vincent discover as teenagers that they are witches. Although they are not supposed to fall in love due to a curse, they try to circumvent fate.


  • Do Not Become Alarmed

    By Maile Meloy (Fic Melo, CD Fic Melo, Q Melo)

    When cousins Liv and Nora take their families on a tropical vacation, their children go missing.


  • Into the Water

    By Paula Hawkins (Fic Hawk, CD Fic Hawk, PLAY Fic Hawk, Q Hawk)

    After her sister dies mysteriously, Jules must return to her insular hometown to care for her angry teenaged niece, and unravel the mystery of her sister’s death.


  • Commonwealth

    By Ann Patchett (Fic Patc, CD Fic Patc, Q Patc)

    The Keatings and Cousins children form a lifetime bond when their parents leave their spouses and lives behind to marry one another.


  • In a Dark, Dark Wood

    By Ruth Ware (Fic Ware, CD Fic Ware)

    After ten years of estrangement, Nora is invited to her former best friend’s bachelorette party. The party takes place at a beautiful but isolated glass house in the woods, and Nora senses something amiss as soon as she arrives.


  • The Lying Game

    By Ruth Ware (Fic Ware, CD Fic Ware)

    Four girls who were inseparable in a boarding school on England’s southeast coast return to that coast when Kate, who has stayed, asks them to return to prevent a scandal that began when they were young from resurfacing.


  • The Breakdown

    By B.A. Paris (Fic Pari, CD Fic Pari, Q Pari)

    On her drive home late at night, in a downpour, Cass sees a woman, alone in her car, stopped alongside the rural road. Remorseful about her decision to drive by the woman that night because of subsequent events, Cass is stalked by someone close to the events.

  • Fierce Kingdom

    By Gin Phillips (Fic Phil, CD Fic Phil, Q Phil)

    As evening becomes night, Joan and her four-year-old son must escape from three teenagers who go on a shooting spree at their beloved NYC zoo.

  • Friend Request

    By Laura Marshall (Fic Mars)

    Louise receives a Facebook friend request from Maria Weston, a friend who disappeared in high school and whom she believed died.