• The Power: A Novel

    By Naomi Alderman (SF Alde)

    In the future, young women discover they have within them the ability to unleash electrical currents from their fingertips. Needless to say, there are those who are alarmed by this new development. These women are nearly impossible to stop once they have the power.


  • The Book of M

    By Peng Shepherd (Fic Shep)

    Hemu Joshi was the first to lose his shadow. Then he started to forget—his family, the days of the week, how to eat—everything. When others begin to lose their shadows, it turns into a worldwide epidemic. Violence breaks out as shadowless people attack the shadowed.


  • The City Where We Once Lived: A Novel

    By Eric Barnes (SF Barn)

    An abandoned city is divided. One half has a small population, scattered over many miles. The other contains the majority of city’s population and resources. Strangers are coming to both sides looking for help, while others are looking for trouble.


  • Rosewater

    By Tade Thompson (SF Thom)

    Rosewater is a community formed around the edges of a mysterious alien Bio-dome. Its residents comprise the hopeful, the hungry and the helpless—people eager for a glimpse inside the dome or a taste of its rumored healing powers.


  • River's Child

    By Mark Daniel Seiler (SF Seil)

    Follow Mavin Cedarstrom after he is rescued from an underground seed vault by a mysterious group of women where he has been trapped in stasis for thousands of years. Join them as they ride icebergs from the frozen north, battle wild men, and race to prevent world war.


  • Relic

    By Alan Dean Foster (SF Fost)

    Ruslan is the sole survivor of a plague that destroyed a galaxy-spanning human civilization. He struggles not only with his feelings of loneliness and despair at being the last of his kind but also with his benefactors’ deep desire to resurrect his species with or without his consent.


  • Trail of Lightning

    By Rebecca Roanhorse (SF Roan)

    Most of the world has drowned beneath the sudden rising waters of a climate apocalypse. The gods and heroes of legend walk the land, but so do monsters. Maggie Hoskie is a monster hunter. When a small town needs help finding a missing girl, Maggie is their last best hope.


  • Blackfish City

    By Sam J Miller (SF Mill)

    After the climate wars, a floating city is constructed in the Arctic Circle. When a strange visitor arrives, the city is entranced. The stranger brings together four people to stage unprecedented acts of resistance. They band together to save their city before it crumbles under the weight of its own decay.


  • The Wolves of Winter: A Novel

    By Tyrell Johnson (Fic John)

    After society collapsed, Lynn McBride has been forced to forge ahead in the snow-covered Canadian Yukon, learning how to hunt and trap to survive. She meets Jax, an enigmatic figure who sets in motion a chain of events that will force Lynn to fulfill a destiny she never imagined.


  • Year One

    By Nora Roberts (Fic Robe, Q Robe, CD Fic Robe, PLAY Fic Robe)

    After a virus kills off billions of people, the survivors are left with a fight of good against evil. Many of the survivors learn that they now have developed strange powers.


  • Sea of Rust

    By Robert Cargill (Fic Carg)

    It's been thirty years since the apocalypse and fifteen years since the death of the last human being at the hands of robots. Although unable to experience emotions like a human, Brittle—an AI, is haunted by the crimes the robot population perpetrated on humanity and strives to find purpose.


  • Borne

    By Jeff VanderMeer (SF Vand)

    A collapsed city ruled by a giant grizzly called Mord, a woman named Rachel lives as a scavenger. She collects genetically engineered organisms and experiments created by the biotech firm “the Company.” Hidden in Mord's fur, she finds a sea anemone-like creature that she calls Borne.


  • The End We Start From

    By Megan Hunter (Fic Hunt, Q Hunt)

    As London is submerged below flood waters, a woman gives birth to her first child. Later, the family is forced to leave their home in search of safety. Their journey traces both fear and wonder as the baby's small fists grasp at everything, thriving and content against all the odds.


  • Walkaway : A Novel

    By Cory Doctorow (SF Doct, CD SF Doct)

    Hubert and his friend show up at a "Communist Party" being thrown by Natalie, renegade daughter of a super-rich family. The cops come, drones descend, and bad things begin to happen. The three flee, decide that they're sick of society’s rules, and try to walk-away from it all.


  • New York 2140

    By Kim Stanley Robinson (SF Robi, CD SF Robi)

    In the 22nd century climate disasters and ocean level risings have left New York City partially underwater. The old Met Life building is one skyscraper turned-island that houses residents determined to stay in the city. Those residents have stories ranging from kidnapping to treasure hunting.