• You are a Bad*ss Every Day : How to Keep Your Motivation Strong, Your Vibe High, and Your Quest for Transformation Unstoppable

    By Jen Sincero (158.1 Sinc, CD 158.1 Sinc, Q 158.1 Sinc)

    For anyone who has ever had trouble staying motivated while trailblazing towards bad*ssery, You Are a Bad*ss Every Day is the companion to keep you fresh, grateful, mighty, and driven. Features one hundred exercises, reflections, and cues that you can use to immediately realign your mind and keep your focus unwavering while you reach your goals.

  • No is a Four Letter Word: How I Failed Spelling but Succeeded in Life

    By Chris Jericho (B Jeri, CD B Jeri)

    Three-time New York Times bestselling author and six-time WWE champion Chris Jericho shares twenty of his most valuable lessons for achieving your goals and living the life you want, jam-packed with fantastic stories and the classic off-the-wall, laugh-out-loud Jericho references he's famous for.


  • How to Stop Feeling So Damn Depressed : The No BS Guide for Men

    By Jonas Horwitz (155.332 Horw)

    In this no-nonsense guide for men, psychologist Jonas Horwitz presents evidence-based, straightforward, and jargon-free strategies for men struggling with severe depression. Grounded in proven-effective cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), the skills in this book will help readers find actionable solutions for identifying, naming, and overcoming the depression that is standing in the way of living the life they want.


  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: a Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life

    By Mark Manson (158.1 Mans, CD 158.1 Mans)

    The key to being happier is to stop trying to be 'positive' all the time and instead to become better at handling adversity. For decades we've been told that positive thinking is the key to a happy, rich life. But those days are over. For the past few years, Manson has been working on correcting our delusional expectations for ourselves and for the world.


  • …and Then You Die of Dysentery: Lessons in Adulting from The Oregon Trail

    By Lauren Reeves (818.602 Reev)

    A quirky, nostalgic send-up to the Oregon Trail computer game, featuring snarky and hard-earned life lessons from the trail. Pack your wagons, find your ride-or-(literally) die friends, and roll up to Matt's General Store with a sack of cash - it's time to hit the Oregon Trail! The book offers 50 humorous, snarky lessons gleaned from the game's most iconic moments.


  • How to Date Men When You Hate Men

    By Blythe Roberson (818.602 Robe)

    A comedy philosophy book aimed at interrogating what it means to date men within the trappings of modern society. This book is a one stop shop for dating advice when you love men but don't like them. Blythe Roberson's sharp observational humor is met by her open-hearted willingness to revel in the ugliest warts and shimmering highs of choosing to live our lives amongst other humans.


  • Okay Fine Whatever: the Year I Went From Being Afraid of Everything to Only Being Afraid of Most Things

    By Courtenay Hameister (818.602 Hame)

    For most of her life Courtenay Hameister lived in a state of near-constant dread and anxiety. This laugh out loud hold-nothing-back account of her adventures on the front lines of Mere Human Woman vs. Fear, reminds us that even the tiniest amount of bravery is still bravery, and that no matter who you are it's possible to fight complacency and become bold, or at least bold-ish, a little at a time.

  • Would Everybody Please Stop? : Reflections on Life and Other Bad Ideas

    By Jenny Allen (814.6 Alle​​​​​​​)

    In Would Everybody Please Stop?, a collection of first-person essays and humor pieces, Jenny Allen asks the tough questions: Why do people say “It is what it is”? What’s the point of fat-free half-and-half? Why don’t the women detectives on TV carry purses, and where are we supposed to think they keep all their stuff? And haven’t we heard enough about memes?


  • Landwhale: On Turning Insults into Nicknames, Why Body Image is Hard and How Diets Can Kiss My *ss

    By Jes Baker (B Bake)

    Landwhale is a glimpse at life as a fat woman today, but it's also a reflection of the unforgiving ways our culture still treats fatness, all with Jes's biting voice as the guide this memoir goes deeply into Jes's inner life, from growing up a fat girl to dating while fat. With material that will have readers laughing and crying along. 


  • Assume the Worst: the Graduation Speech You’ll Never Hear

    By Carl Hiaasen (818.54 Hiaa)

    This is Oh, the Places You'll Never Go--the ultimate hilarious, cynical, but absolutely realistic view of a college graduate's future. And what he or she can or can't do about it. "This commencement address will never be given, because graduation speakers are supposed to offer encouragement and inspiration. That's not what you need. You need a warning.


  • Unwifeable: A Memoir

    By Mandy Stadtmiller​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ (B Stad)

    From the popular, "fresh, funny, and highly readable" (Bustle) dating columnist for New York magazine and the New York Post comes a whirlwind memoir recounting countless failed romances and blackout nights, told with Mandy Stadtmiller's unflinching candor and brilliant wit.