• Octavia E. Butler’s Kindred

    By Damian Duffy (Fic Duff, YA Duff)

    Rediscover this classic sci-fi tale that transports a 20th century African American woman, Dana, back in time to antebellum Maryland where she must confront the evil realities of slavery.

  • The Dream Daughter

    By Diane Chamberlain (Fic Cham, Q Cham, CD Fic Cham, PLAY Fic Cham)

    After learning that her unborn daughter has an untreatable heart defect, Caroline is understandably distraught. But her brother-in-law seems to think that there is something that might be able to save the baby.


  • The Scribe of Siena

    By Melodie Winawer (Fic Wina)

    Traveling to Siena to settle her brother’s estate, Beatrice Trovato finds herself a little further from home than she expected when she finds a portrait of her own face – from the 14th century.


  • As You Wish

    By Jude Deveraux (Fic Deve, Q Deve, CD Fic Deve)

    Olivia, Kathy, and Elise are staying in Summer Hill, Virginia, each with her own story. Upon sharing the troubles they have faced, they are given the most amazing opportunity: to go back and change those things they regret.


  • All Our Wrong Todays

    By Elan Mastai (Fic Mast, Q Mast)

    In another universe, the shiny, chrome 21st century imagined in the 1950s is reality. But even that utopia comes with its difficulties. Tom can’t seem to catch a break, but things become even more complicated when he finds himself in the 2016 we all know.


  • An Ocean of Minutes

    By Thea Lim (Fic Lim)

    When a deadly flu outbreak threatens the life of her boyfriend Frank, Polly agrees to travel forward in time and work as a laborer to pay for his treatment. But when she doesn’t end up when they told her she would, will she be able to find Frank?


  • A Murder in Time

    By Julie McElwain (M McEl)

    FBI Agent Kendra is severely injured in a raid that kills half her squad. While seeking her furious revenge she hides in a stairwell only to emerge in 1815, where she finds herself caught up in another murder.


  • Paradox Bound

    By Peter Clines​​​​​​​ (SF Clin)

    After a run-in with a mysterious stranger as a child, Eli has resolved that if he ever has the chance, he’s going to get some answers. But when that opportunity arises, will he prepared for what lies ahead, as well as behind?

  • Version Control

    By Dexter Clarence Palmer (SF Palm)

    Rebecca has long been recovering from a tragedy. When she finally thinks she has emerged on the other side of her grief, things begin changing, so subtly at first that she can’t be sure what’s going on. It definitely has nothing to do with her husband’s strange invention, right?

  • The Lost Time Accidents

    By John Wray (Fic Wray)

    Following a failed relationship, Waldemar finds himself exiled from time. To find his way back, he’ll have to confront the demons from that romance as well as his family’s darkest secrets.

  • The Gone World

    By Tom Sweterlitsch (SF Swet, Q SF Swet)

    NCIS Agent Shannon works for a top secret division within the agency. Traumatized by her own experiences with time travel, she believes that her latest case involves similar trauma. But can she find the Navy SEAL’s missing daughter? And is that all she might find?

  • Last Year

    By Robert Charles Wilson (SF Wils)

    What if you could travel back in time without affecting your present or future? When every door to the past is also a door to an alternate universe, what happens when one man, native to 19th century Ohio, falls in love with someone from another future?

  • Valley of the Moon

    By Melanie Gideon (Fic Gide, Q Gide)

    Greengage is like most other places in the early 20th century, except for the fact that it is now the 21st century. When Lux, a struggling single mother, stumbles upon this town that seems both stuck in the past and perfect for her, what will she do?