• The Kiss Quotient

    By Helen Hoang (Fic Hoan)

    A 30-year-old math whiz with Asperger's tries to make her love life as rich as her career by hiring an escort to help her with her lack of knowledge and experience in the dating department.

  • One Two Three

    By Laurie Frankel (Fic Fran)

    The Mitchell sisters — teenage triplets — find everything changing in their town when a handsome new student enrolls at Bourne Memorial High who happens to be their family’s sworn enemy.

  • Get a Life, Chloe Brown

    By Talia Hibbert (Fic Hibb)

    Emerging from a life-threatening illness, a fiercely organized but unfulfilled computer geek recruits a mysterious artist to help her establish meaning in her life, before finding herself engaged in reckless but thrilling activities.

  • True Biz

    By Sara Novic (Fic Novi)

    The students and staff at River Valley School for the Deaf just want to live their lives. But as a series of crises both personal and political threaten to unravel each of them, Charlie, Austin, and February find their lives inextricable from one another-and changed forever.

  • The Music of Bees

    By Eleen Garvin (Fic Gary)

    Three strangers navigating grief and devastating setbacks cross paths in a rural Oregon town, where they find unexpected friendship, healing and new chances on a local honeybee farm.

  • How Lucky

    By Will Leitch (Fic Leit)

    Unable to speak or move without a wheelchair, Daniel, spending hours observing his neighborhood from his front porch, believes he has witnessed the kidnapping of a young college student and vows to solve this mystery.

  • Easy Beauty: a Memoir

    By Chloe Cooper Jones (B Coop)

    A philosophy professor and freelance journalist born with a rare congenital which affects both her stature and gait discusses how she has navigated a world that both judges and pities her for her appearance.

  • Golem Girl

    By Riva Lehrer (B Lehe)

    Memoir of an artist born with disabilities who searches for freedom and connection in a society afraid of strange bodies.

  • The Frederick Sister Are Living the Dream

    By Jeannie Zusy (Fic Zusy)

    A funny, occasionally romantic, novel about how one woman's life is turned upside down when she becomes caregiver to her sister with special needs.

  • Limitless: the Power of Hope and Resilience to Overcome Circumstance

    By Mallory Weggeman (B Wegg)

    Paralympic gold-medalist, world champion swimmer, ESPY winner, and NBC Sports commentator uses her extraordinary story to equip others to meet whatever challenges they face in life.