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  • Way Past Jealous

    By Hallee Adelman (E Adel)

    Letting her jealousy get out of hand, Yaz must find a way to set things right.

  • Happy, Sad, Mad, and Glad!

    By Britt Allcroft (E Allc)

    Thomas’s many face help children understand if he is happy, sad, mad, or glad.

  • What's the Matter, Marlo?

    By Andrew Arnold (E Arno)

    Teaches children about empathy, anger and sadness.

  • Chill Chomp Chill!

    By Chris Ayala-Kronos (E Ayal)

    Chomp shows children how to express their anger in a healthy way.

  • Little Cat Hide-and-Seek Emotions

    By Audrey Bouqet (E Bou)

    Help Little Cat identify different emotions.

  • The Crayons' Book of Feelings

    By Drew Daywalt (E Dayw)

    Showcases a range of feelings and how multiple emotions can be felt at once.

  • Gustavo, the Shy Ghost

    By Flavia Z. Drago (E Drag)

    Children will relate to Gustavo’s bashful behavior and learn how he gains the courage to push through his fears.

  • You Are Your Strong

    By Danielle Dufayet (E Dufa)

    Teaches children how to work through their fears alone or with help.

  • Me and My Feelings: Giving Kids Calming Tools to Work Through Strong Emotions

    By Chanie Kamman (E Kamm)

    Explores ways in which children can express and process their emotions.

  • The Many Colors of Harpreet Singh

    By Supriya Kelkar (E Kelk)

    Harpreet Singh expresses his emotions through vivid color.

  • Being Friends with Dragons

    By Katherine Locke (E Lock)

    Dragons may express their emotions with an unpredictable intensity, but with a little patience and understanding you can be the best of friends.

  • Out of a Jar

    By Deborah Marcero (E Marc)

    Llewellyn teaches children that it’s better to release your emotions then to bottle them up.

  • Tiger Wild

    By Gwen Millward (E Mill)

    Tiger struggles to keep her emotions under control.

  • Big Feelings

    By Alexandra Penfold (E Penf)

    A diverse story teaching children how to navigate their big feelings.

  • Ruby Finds a Worry

    By Tom Percival (E Perc)

    Ruby learns what to do if worry begins to follow her around.

  • The Happy Book

    By Andy Rash (E Rash)

    Camper and Clam that it is important to support all emotions, not just happiness.

  • Fergal and the Bad Temper

    By Robert Starling (E Star)

    Fergal learns how to manger his temper before a tantrum hits.

  • Almost Always Best, Best Friends

    By Apryl Stott (E Stot)

    Poppy and Clementine are best friends who do everything together. When Clementine meets a new friend, it is up to Poppy to communicate her feeling of jealousy.

  • Trying

    By Kobi Yamada (E Yama)

    A story that empathizes with those who have felt doubt or worry, especially in new experiences.

  • The Boring Book

    By Shinsuke Yoshitake (E Yosh)

    For curious children who want to explore boredom.

  • My Body is a Rainbow: the Color of My Feelings

    By Mallika Chopra (E152.4 Chop)

    A non-fiction story shared by a wellness expert who teaches children what feelings can look like and exercises to work through them.

  • Exploring Emotions: a Mindfulness Guide to Understanding Feelings

    By Paul Christelis (E152.4 Chri)

    This non-fiction story uses weather as a comparison to intense emotions.

  • I Feel...

    By D.J. Corchin (E152.4 Corc)

    A non-fiction series exploring multiple emotions, teaching children how to identify and work through them.

  • Sometimes I Feel Grumpy

    By Jaclyn Jaycox (E152.4 Jayc)

    A non-fiction series which shares examples and ways in which children can learn and grow through their feelings.

  • Little Unicorn is Scared

    By Aurelie Chien Chow Chine (E152.4 Chie)

    Children learn breathing exercises throughout the story to help them better copy with difficult emotions.

  • How Do You Feel?

    By Lizzy Rockwell (E155.41246 Rock)

    Encourages a conversation between children and parents about emotions.

  • Elmo is Mindful: How to Stay Focused, Calm, and Kind

    (E158.13 Elmo)

    Elmo teaches children helpful suggestions on remaining in control through tough emotions.

  • Wiggles, Stomps, and Squeezes Calm My Jitters Down

    By Lindsey Rowe Parker (E618.9285 Park)

    Practical tools for children to work through big emotions.