• All the Water in the World

    By George Ella Lyon (E Lyon)

    Faucet, well, rain cloud, sea ... from each of these comes water. But where does water go?

  • Anna Carries Water

    By Olive Senior (E Seni)

    Anna fetches water from the spring every day, but she can't carry it on her head like her older brothers and sisters. In this charming and poetic family story set in Jamaica, Prize-winning author Olive Senior shows young readers the power of determination, as Anna achieves her goal and overcomes her fear.

  • The Old Boat

    By Jarrett Pumphrey (E Pump)

    Off a small island, a boy and his grandfather set sail in their beloved fishing boat. They ride the waves, catching wants and wishes and seeing the wonders of the ocean. But soon the boy is sailing the boat himself, drifting further from shore as the waters grow muddied and turbulent. When a storm washes him ashore, he sees home in a new light. He decides to turn the tides of his fortune, cleaning the island's waters and creating a new life with a family to call his own.

  • Song of the River

    By Joy Cowley

    E Cowl

    hoopla: eBook

    On a spring morning, a young boy follows a trickle of water that becomes a river and flows from the mountains to the sea.

  • The Water Princess

    By Susan Verde (E Verd, KIT E Verd)

    The story of one young girl's quest to bring clean drinking water to her African village.

  • We Are Water Protectors

    By Carole Lindstrom

    E Lind

    Libby: eBook

    hoopla: eAudiobook

    Water is the first medicine. It affects and connects us all... When a black snake threatens to destroy the Earth and poison her people's water, one young water protector takes a stand to defend Earth's most sacred resource. Inspired by the many indigenous-led movements across North America, this bold and lyrical picture book issues an urgent rallying cry to safeguard the Earth's water from harm and corruption.

  • Let’s Investigate with Nate: The Water Cycle

    By Nate Ball

    E551.48 Ball

    hoopla: eBook

    The PBS television host and his team of young scientists investigate how the water cycle works by shrinking themselves down to the size of a raindrop to explore such elements as ice, steam, estuaries, snowflakes, and puddles.

  • Be Water-Wise, Super Grover

    By Jennifer Boothroyd

    E333.9116 Boot

    hoopla: eBook

    Everyone needs water, and there are plenty of ways to save it! Super Grover and friends explain the ways we use water and how to use less, from turning off faucets to choosing shorter showers.

  • Ocean! Waves for All

    By Stacy McAnulty

    E551.46 McAn, READ ALONG J551.46 McAn

    hoopla: eAudiobook

    Dude, I am Ocean. You know my many names: Atlantic, Pacific, Arctic, Indian, Southern. It's all excellent me. My salt water flows across the planet as one. I have no flag. No nationality. My waves are for all. Life on Earth began in my epic waters I keep the global climate just right. And I have rad secrets. But I'm facing a major wipeout! Only by working together can we get back in the zone. It's you and me, dudes.

  • When Cloud Became a Cloud

    By Rob Hodgson (E551.48 Hodg)

    Meet Cloud! Follow along as she moves, transforms, precipitates, and more in this charming and humorous portrayal of the water cycle. From drizzle to snow to a thunderstorm party, Cloud's journey is documented through short, engaging chapters that capture the excitement and humor of weather in its many forms.

  • When the World Runs Dry

    By Nancy F. Castaldo

    J363.73 Cast

    hoopla: eBook

    A narrative nonfiction account of the worldwide water crisis, explaining what's happening to the world's water supply, from industrial pollution to harmful algal blooms, and what kids can do about it.

  • Ocean: Facts at Your Fingertips

    By Ben Hubbard (J551.46 Hubb)

    Within the pages of this book you'll discover the range of organisms--from colossal whales to microscopic plankton--that call the oceans home. Find out about tidal pools, salt marshes, coral reefs, ocean floor ridges, and the other natural features of these vast bodies of water. Learn how the oceans formed, what causes tsunamis, how tidal waves are used to generate electricity, and what marine experts are doing to save our oceans.

  • Planet Ocean: Why We All Need a Healthy Ocean

    By Patricia Newman

    J551.46 Newm

    hoopla: eBook

    Travel beneath the waves and visit three distinct parts of the ocean to examine climate change, pollution, and sustainability. You can also find out what you can do to protect the health of the ocean!

  • Water Cycles: The Source of Life from Start to Finish

    By DK Publishing (J551.48 Wate)

    Dive into the lifecycle of water and discover how it supports all life forms, how humans harness its power, and why we need to conserve it.

  • Water Wow: An Infographic Exploration

    By Antonia Banyard (J553.7 Bany)

    An infographic introduction to the essential role water plays in everyday life combines text, photographs, and diagrams that cover such topics as climate change, the symbolism of water in religion, and conservation.

  • A Long Walk to Water

    By Linda Sue Park

    J Park

    hoopla: eAudiobook

    Libby: eBook, eAudiobook

    When the Sudanese civil war reaches his village in 1985, eleven-year-old Salva becomes separated from his family and must walk with other Dinka tribe members through southern Sudan, Ethiopia, and Kenya in search of safe haven. Based on the life of Salva Dut, who, after emigrating to America in 1996, began a project to dig water wells in Sudan.

  • A Stone Sat Still

    By Brendan Wenzel

    E Wenz

    hoopla: eBook

    Told in rhyming verse, a stone is considered from a variety of environmental and emotional perspectives, as it sits where it is, surrounded by grass, dirt, and water, an unchanging certainty in the world.

  • The Ocean: Exploring Our Blue Planet

    By Miranda Krestovinkoff (J551.46 Kres)

    Oceans cover more than 70% of the world--and so much science is lurking underneath that water's surface. This survey-style book explores an incredible collection of narratives, featuring fascinating facts and stories about the world's deepest seas and oceans. This is an eye-catching, comprehensive look at the creatures and plants that populate these waters and the people who have explored it, as well as a critical look at what is at stake now in protecting it.

  • Water

    By Seymour Simon

    J553.7 Simo

    hoopla: eBook

    Discusses the science of water, including its chemical makeup, its importance to life, its role in climate, and how the cycle works.

  • Water: a Deep Dive of Discovery

    By Christy Mihaly (J553.7 Miha)

    Immerse yourself in fascinating facts about water! This comprehensive yet accessible exploration of water will help young readers understand many aspects of one of our planet's most precious resources - and how they can protect it. A friendly water droplet character guides children through topics ranging from melting and freezing to the ways in which water literally shapes the Earth.

  • Over and Under the Pond

    By Kate Messner

    E577.63 Mess

    hoopla: eBook

    Libby: eBook

    Celebrates the forms of life that live above and under a pond, including turtles, red-winged blackbirds, blue herons, minnows, frogs, and catfish.

  • A Whale of the Wild

    By Rosemary Parry

    J Parr, PLAY J Parr

    hoopla: eAudiobook

    For Vega and her family, salmon is life. And Vega is learning to be a salmon finder, preparing for the day when she will be her family's matriarch. But then she and her brother Deneb are separated from their pod when a devastating earthquake and tsunami render the seascape unrecognizable. Vega must use every skill she has to lead her brother back to their family. The young orcas face a shark attack, hunger, the deep ocean, and polluted waters on their journey. Will Vega become the leader she's destined to be?

  • Magic School Bus at the Waterworks

    By Joanna Cole (E628.14 Cole)

    When Ms. Frizzle, the strangest teacher in school, takes her class on a field trip to the waterworks, everyone ends up experiencing the water purification system from the inside.