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  • Babel

    By R.F. Kuang (Fic Kuan, eBook, eAudiobook)

    An orphaned Chinese boy is raised in Britain and trained as a student at the Royal Institute of Translation, Oxford’s tower of Babel for language and magic. When he encounters a group stealing from the tower, competing loyalties reign as he uncovers the insidious nature of the institution that raised him.

  • The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches

    By Sangu Mandanna (Fic Mand, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Mika Moon knows that the absolute rules of being a witch is to hide your magic and avoid other witches. Therefore, she is very surprised when she receives a mysterious message asking her to come to Nowhere House and teach three young witches to control their magic.

  • Under the Whispering Door

    By TJ Klune (Fic Klun, eBook, eAudiobook)

    After he dies, Wallace is given one week to cross over to the land of dead. In the meantime, he sets about reconsidering his life at Charon’s Crossing, the tea shop owned by the Ferryman named Hugo who is supposed to guide him onward.

  • Legends & Lattes

    By Travis Baldree (Fic Bald, eBook, eAudiobook)

    An orc retires from adventuring to start a fantasy city’s first ever coffee shop. This cozy and fun novel is reminiscent of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, and full of lots of love.

  • The Atlas Six

    By Olivie Blake (Fic Blak, Q Blak, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Six young magicians compete for five spots in The Alexandrian Society, the protectors of the world’s knowledge, in this dark academia fantasy.

  • Daughter of the Moon Goddess

    By Sue Lynn Tan (Fic Tan, CD Tan, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Inspired by the myth of Chang’e, the moon goddess’s daughter, Xingyin, must flee her home, hide her identity, and make her life anew in the Celestial Kingdom.

  • Book of Night

    By Holly Black (Fic Blac, eBook, eAudiobook)

    In a world where Gloamists can control shadows for strange and sinister spells, bartender Charlie takes up an odd job and gets caught up in the dark underworld of shadow trading.

  • When Women Were Dragons

    By Kelly Barnhill (Fic Barn)

    In 1955, thousands of women, including Alex’s Aunt Marla, transformed into dragons and left a trail of destruction in their wake. Alex now tries to make a future for herself in a world transformed.

  • The Book Eaters

    By Sunyi Dean (Fic Dean, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Devon is a Book Eater, part of the Family that survives off of eating books. When her son is born with an insatiable hunger for human minds, she must decide how far she will go for those she loves.

  • Thistlefoot

    By GennaRose Nethercroft (Fic Neth, eBook, eAudiobook)

    The Yaga siblings are gifted the strange inheritance of a sentient house on chicken legs, and decide to take it on tour across the United States. But then a sinister presence begins to follow them, bearing secrets from their ancestor’s past.

  • She Who Became the Sun

    By Shelley Parker-Chan (Fic Park, eBook, eAudiobook)

    The Zhu’s family’s eighth-born son, Zhu Chongban, is told he is destined for greatness, and then dies young during a brutal attack. His sister then uses his identity to claim his fate and his future.

  • Emily Wilde's Encyclopaedia of Faeries

    By Heather Fawcett (Fic Fawc, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Emily Wilde, a folklore researcher and Cambridge professor, travels to the countryside to conduct field work. Teaming up with rival colleague, Wendell, they investigate local happenings and their mystical origins.

  • Nettle & Bone

    By T. Kingfisher (Fic King, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Marra must protect her sisters from horrific marriages by completing three impossible tasks. A very grim and macabre fairy tale follows as Marra assembles a ragtag team to conquer evil.

  • A Strange and Stubborn Endurance

    By Foz Meadows (Fic Mead, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Forced into a politically arranged marriage, Velasin Vin Aaro is outed and winds up both exiled and engaged to his intended’s brother, instead. Political intrigue further upends his life and he tried to reestablish himself in a foreign land.

  • In the Shadow of Lightning

    By Brian McClellan (Fic McCl, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Demir, a powerful glassdancer, returns from exile to investigate his mother’s murder. Through spycraft and politics, he begins to uncover shocking secrets that go deep to the core of their civilization.

  • The Women Could Fly

    By Megan Giddings (Fic Gidd, CD Gidd, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Josephine’s future is in doubt in a world where single women are closely monitored when learns her mother’s will asks her to fulfill one last, strange request.

  • Kaikeyi

    By Vaishnavi Patel (Fic Pate, Q Pate, CD Pate, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Based on the traditional epic of Ramayana, here Kaikeyi studies magic and how to enter the Binding Plane. Then one day, she is unwilling married off to the Raja of Kosala and caught up in the world of politics and gods.

  • A Master of Djinn

    By P. Djèlí Clark (Fic Clar, eBook, eAudiobook)

    Decades before, al-Jahiz, a powerful magician, ripped open the veil between magical entities and humankind. Now, Fatma, a special investigator, is called into investigate the murders of his supporters and signs that he has returned.

  • The City We Became

    By N.K. Jemisin (Fic Jemi, CD Jemi, eBook, eAudiobook)

    New York City has been born, living within six different avatars, and they must defend themselves, and their city, from an otherworldly and dark force determined to destroy them.